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Our Lovely Homes

Home Sweet Home!

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This is a forum for sharing decorating, landscaping, and home photos and ideas.
OurLovelyHomes is a community dedicated to home owners of the world, regardless how large or small your humble abode may be. This community is for sharing of all kinds of ideas - landscaping, decorating, furnishings, and of course, just showing off your hard work!

By posting pictures of your home, you are welcoming others to make comments in regard to your decor and style. However, comments of negative nature are generally not welcome, and could result in a ban of your membership. For now, this community is open, but welcomes members of all shapes and sizes. While it is fine to post your opinions, be it positive or negative, please remember that you are commenting on the largest purchase and/or project most people ever take on. Please try to be polite!

The maintainers of OurLovelyHomes recommend that posters take the necessary steps to ensure their own privacy and safety online with regard to details which may reveal their home address, and no responsibility is taken by the maintainers of this community for any oversights by the posters in this regard. (disclaimer borrowed from ourapartments)