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Laundry room and upstairs hallway

 I have just a couple of quick ones to share today.


Here is the before and after of the upstairs hallway. Upstairs we put in pre-finished wood in the same color as the downstairs, it was a lot faster and cleaner then refinishing downstairs, but definitely more expensive. We also put better lighting in and added a very thin trim 6 inches off of the baseboard that we painted (and everything below it) glossy trim white. I think the trim was deceptively simple but gave great architecture to the hallway. The walls are a pale cream color called "fresh linen" and it warms the house up a little more then white walls and lets the trim stand out (we don't have white walls anywhere in the house except my sewing room because I didn't want a color in there) 

this is the landing, and one of the few pictures that I have that shows parts of my husband's sword collection, we have 2-4 pieces in most of the rooms, I was worried about putting them up at first, but then decided I needed to be more open to letting the house reflect all of us, and I actually love seeing them now, it makes it OUR home rather then just mine. The art is a painting I did ages ago. 

the laundry room leads to the kids playroom so it needs to look nice as a pass through, not to mention I just feel like doing laundry more in a pretty room. When we moved here we decided to get rid of the washer and dryer we had, had for 9 years (we found them on the side of the road and fixed the dryer for $80.) I have a bad back so leaning into the washer to pull out wet clothes always hurts me, so we decided on energy efficient front loaders, that we wanted to stack so we had more room. The laundry room originally had yucky linoleum floors (with little cuts in it) and a wire shelf. We painted the room cobalt blue (as per the my husband's choice) and then installed a new 18" tile floor with 1.8 inch grout lines. we got a whole kitchen's worth of oak upper cabinets from the habitat store for $125 (all the rest are in the garage for tool storage) and a lower unfinished oak cabinet for $25 (the kick plate was broken which we easily fixed) My husband put in spacers out of scrap lumber, and then we hung them up.  

We couldn't mount the lower cabinet against the back wall because the dryer vent went behind it, so instead we pulled it forward a bit and screwed it to the side wall. we then added a piece of laminate countertop in the same charcoal color we put in the kitchen (except the kitchen is quartz) We then screwed a ledger board to the top of the counter, and a board to the underside of the upper cabinets. We stapled heavy duty Velcro to the fronts of the two boards, and then the same to a framed out piece of beadboard. We painted the whole set white to make it match a bit better, and added knobs that match the kitchen. We installed a task light, and plugged it in to the wall behind the beadboard piece. The beadboard piece actually covers the plug for the washer, the hot and cold taps, and the fact that the washer and dryer set aren't against the wall so that the dryer can vent. It pops off with very little effort, but looks like an awesome backsplash. (It also matches the kitchen in color because the cabinets in there are now white, and the half bath across from it because it has beadboard)

We are really happy with how this room turned out, we keep light bulbs, detergent, and frequently used tools in the uppers, (except for the hard to reach over the dryer ones, we keep poisonous stuff and permanent markers in there,) and dirty laundry in the lower. Our kitchen doesn't have enough drawers for a junk drawer, so we keep tape and other random stuff in the drawers. On the wall behind the doors I keep a gallery of my kids art and they love that I frame and hang their stuff up and I keep my calendar in here. We use the countertop  for folding laundry on as it comes out of the dryer. There are 2 silver Ikea towel bars that can either be pulled away from the wall or flattened back, next to the door, and we use them to hang dry stuff.   

Anyway, those were a couple of smaller projects we did. 


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Jan. 16th, 2010 01:11 am (UTC)
O. M. G. I am in love with your laundry room. Please come do this to mine. Please. PLEASE!!!
Jan. 17th, 2010 10:11 pm (UTC)
This is lovely. My husband has a sword as well, we mount it using one of those ikea magnetic knife blocks. It's so strong that it will pull the sword in from an inch away and if it connects crooked, too bad! I really agree with letting the house reflect who you are, instead of hiding it all away.
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