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The 28 x 13 living room, very lightly trafficked, has had a water leaking problem, bubbling up the particle board beneath the wall to wall.  The yucky wall to wall is going and I'm considering tiling, and maybe overextended myself?  Right now, I'm replacing the particle board with plywood and there is a way to make plywood look like hardwood planks, using paint and varathane - has anyone used this method of faux hardwood?  It looks like it's simpler and faster to do than tiling, and I'm really tired of the room being torn up.  Thanks for any replies, pronker
I am looking for any opinions and experiences with replacing windows.

The window company has given us a quote for vinyl windows, for our living room window, and only when the guy left, I thought, vinyl?

We have 4 vinyl double-hung windows on the bedrooms and I hate them... well I hate the older ones, they are hard to move up and down, and the thing that you press to move it down, has partially snapped off, on one of them, because they're made of plastic. The newer one is great, but I worry about it not being that great a long term investment.

When I was a kid in the 70s, we had aluminum windows in our house, mind you they were the horizontal sliding ones, and we had 2 sets. (we live in Canada, so I guess on modern windows they put double glazed instead of 2 actual panes of glass)

I am going to call back and ask if they could do the living room window in aluminum. I would hate to have to have it redone in 10-15 years.

Just for fun, here are photos:
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Whoa - long time, no posts, Batman!

I have missed this community and really wish there were more updates! A lot has happened since my last refresh project on my house - most recently, we've started a family! Well, not officially, just sort of. We're pregnant and due in December, so guess what that means... A nursery!

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Hope you enjoyed the pics!

Now, for your latest projects... Share!!


China Cabinet = FINISHED!!!

So, it turns out that my Grandmother had 12 place settings of her china.  That's a LOT of dishes to wash... not that I'm complaining!


Anyway, it took 2 days to get them all washed, because I kept running out of hot water, but I finally finished Sunday night.  I got everything arranged in the cabinet and stored a good portion of it underneath.  My birthday is coming up, so I hope to get some of those nice china storage containers.  Anyway, it's finally all done and I wanted to share some photos with you.

TIA for looking!

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China Cabinet Update - FINALLY DONE!

It's finally done!  We finished it at 10pm last night.  The white parts took 6 coats.  We didn't prime it beforehand, but should have.  The inside, blue part (which you can't see very well in this photo... it looks yellow because of the lights) only took 2 coats.

We had planned on buying new hardware for it, but couldn't find the correct hinges, even online, so we spray painted the hardware.  I'm VERY pleased with the way that turned out.  The bottom handles are so substantial (for lack of a better word) and I think it needs that... I don't think we would have been able to find any that would have held up, that would have been in our price range.

Keith installed 3 new lights in the top, and even added a dimmer, so all we have to do to turn the lights on, is touch the top-left hinge.

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Laundry room and upstairs hallway

 I have just a couple of quick ones to share today.

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Anyway, those were a couple of smaller projects we did. 

Just a little cutie to share...

Someone left a Japanese art 2009 calendar here at work for about 2 weeks, sitting by the copy machine. I asked around, to make sure it didn't belong to anyone, and when no one claimed it, I took it home.  Some of the floral pictures are really pretty and I thought they might look nice framed for our bedroom.

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This might end up x-posted to Domesticity.

the library

 Today I have the before and after pictures of our library. picturesCollapse )

Jan. 10th, 2010

I posted my kitchen a few years ago when I got new counters. But I'm bored and have done a lot more since then so here's a ton of before and afters of my house. My husband and I have been living here for 5 years now and have done all the renovations ourselves minus the kitchen counters. Needless to say it's all still a work in progress. We have house project ADD and always start a new room before working on another.

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Long time no post

 Hey all, it has been a long time since I last posted, but a lot has been going on! My husband returned from deployment, we finished our remodel, and we have been trying to get into the swing of his new job and the kids being at school. Anyway, now that the house is done,  I thought I would occasionally post some of our before and after pictures. Our house is a colonial farmhouse style home (modern construction) and our personal style is a mix of antique and more modern traditional. 

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I will probably over the next few weeks post pictures of the rest of the remodel.